English is the language of instruction and it is used for Literacy, numeracy, reading time and social studies with expat and bilingual local teachers.

Russian is taught 3 times per week and Uzbek once for native speakers only.

Some after school activities are taught in Russian and those held by expat teachers are conducted in English.

Our assistants are all bilingual, they support learning through checking for understanding.

Our weekly newsletter is currently in Russian and in English and so are our academic reports. We are planning to extend to three languages next academic year to include Uzbek.

Sport classes

Sports are play-based activities and significant venues to develop social skills.

At Invento, swimming is part of our curriculum and lessons take place twice per week.

Gymnastics, Wushu, Rhythmic gymnastics, Football, wellness, Physical Education are all parts of our afterschool activities. These activities are conducive to the development of gross motor skills and team spirit.

Sport classes are a good opportunity for our learners to start identifying what they like and what they don't like and for parents new learning opportunities to explore for and with their child.


PYP early years pedagogy relies on uninterrupted times for inquiry and ample hands on learning. This approach enables our young learners to explore with materials and ideas to develop their imagination. Our classrooms walls are covered with works made by our learners, updated regularly to display progress. These represent also the student's voice and students' agency. Our students are guided to explore their own ideas and the outcome is a conversation-starter for all visitors.


Music, Dance and Visual arts are an important part of life at Invento. Our learners have two lessons of music per week where they develop rhythmic skills through games and exercises. We are developing a hands on program in music to enable students to express themselves physically through their initiation to Music.

Dance is part of all our festivals and is regularly taught as an Afterschool activity. Uzbek traditional dances are intentionally taught and performed for our community.

Visual Arts are diverse and directly linked to our curriculum in the form of drawings and painting.

Ceramics are taught by a local master as an Afterschool activity to all students of our upper school. It is a great opportunity to link the development of motor skills to our local traditions.


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