International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program

PYP being a curriculum framework, there are more than 5500 PYP schools in the world, on all continents and in all cultural and religious environments. The IB is recognized and valued by most universities in the world. IB education holds a clear focus on exploring local context and to extend learning to global issues.

Its aim is, through a rigorous academic program supported by 21st century skills, to enable our students to have the solid foundation for further studies.

PYP being an inquiry-based pedagogy, our academic year framed by a Program of Inquiry (POI).

Our POI is structured around 6 Units of Inquiry (UOI), each of them has a duration of 6 weeks which provides students with the opportunity to explore and to make learning connections.

The 6 UOIs are themselves centered around universal Transdisciplinary themes, which are mandated by the IBO.

  • Who we are
  • How we organize ourselves
  • How we express ourselves
  • Sharing the planet
  • How the world works
  • Where we are in place in time

These themes are universal and allow schools to adapt to national curriculum requirements.

PYP is a concept-based curriculum framework. Each UOI is explored through the lenses of concepts which narrow down the breadth of inquiry. The IB prescribes the following concepts:

  • Form
  • Causation
  • Connection
  • Responsibility
  • Perspective
  • Change
  • Function

Approaches To Learning are intentional and interrelated skills that are developed through the UOI. These skills are transferable across subjects and contexts,

These important skills are:

  • Thinking
  • Self-Management
  • Research
  • Social
  • Communication

These skills enable students to deepen their understanding about themselves and to take ownership of their learning.


Timetables are applicable for the Academic year ONLY! One per each age group (any)

Support services

Speech therapy:

According to students' needs, our speech therapist is working with individuals or groups of students. The aim is to ensure that our learners can  improve their diction and are able to use clearly all consonants of the Russian alphabet. Here also play-based pedagogy is key to get our learners involved and comfortable to work on their diction. This support usually takes place once or twice a week until a satisfactory outcome.

School psychologist:

Attachment issues, adaptation, sharing toys and attention issues are common in each class. This is why our psychologist focuses on group dynamics by involving students in weekly activities, contributing to the development of social and communication skills.

Our psychologist also works with parents and grand-parents, individually if required and twice per month in the form of workshops on specific themes linked to parenthood. At Invento, we understand that it takes a village to bring up a child.

Individual inclusion staff member:

In case of  special learning having been identified and medically diagnosed, Invento assists families in sourcing individual support staff to support the inclusion of learners who can benefit from our learning community with the support of an extra staff member. The costs of this service is borne by the family.

Health Support

We have a pediatrician and a nurse onsite at all times.

Due to COVID 19 world pandemic, our school is taking significant measures to ensure that temperature checks are conducted every morning upon arrival. Students showing high body temperature are immediately sent home. Adults must wear a mask at all time and

Security Support

Our security team is onsite 24 hours per day and seven days a week to ensure that no intruder could endanger our community. The vast majority of our school campus is continuously filmed and footage is used as evidence when issues are being brought to attention.

Working with us

Teaching vacancies ( there should be a possibility here to add a file)

Invento is a healthy professional community, intentionally promoting intercultural exchange between local and international educators. Weekly professional development involves various settings to cater for the various needs of our teaching team. Teacher’s voice is acknowledged and valued and we actively support peer training along with external professional Development.

As our school community expands, you are welcome to send your CV to our Human Resources department at

We are a team of experienced, innovative, collaborative PYP educators, learning with and from each other in a supportive environment.

Should you be interested in the above position or if you wish to be contacted should a suitable vacancy arise, please send us your CV.