Parents' and teachers' association

This channel is aimed at building a school community spirit. it promotes a constructive dialogue between families and school to share ideas and concerns if need be. Each class elects a representative to closely collaborate with the school and share information if need be. It also aims for parents to show their appreciation to teachers and school members as a group considering that, in the spirit of fairness, it is forbidden for teachers to accept any individual gift from parents.

Uzbek culture

In accordance with the IB philosophy, there is respect and emphasis on the local culture. The school has changed its original name into Invento The Uzbek International School to acknowledge its specificity and to clearly link its place in the local and national context.

The Uzbek language has been part of our curriculum almost from the beginning of our existence as a school and we will develop its part in the coming academic year.

All festivals of the Uzbek calendar include components in Uzbek language.

The Uzbek culture is an intrinsic part of our curriculum, especially in social studies where our learners explore the landscapes, food, clothes, music and the traditions of our country.

It is important to ground our students into their own local culture before extending their learning experience with a more global approach.

International community

As an IBPYP candidate school, Invento is linked to other PYP schools in the world through the IBO website which provides us with guidelines, exemplars, teaching resources etc. Our teachers are also parts of specific Facebook pages where ideas, suggestions are shared on international forums with fellow PYP teachers.

Our expat teachers of course bring enriching  experience from abroad which they share with their colleagues and which they adapt to our unique context.

Some of our students and families are coming from abroad and being authentic international mindedness to our community. We have 13 nationalities currently represented in our student body. They are welcome and provide us with real opportunities to share and learn from each other.

Parents education

Regular PYP information session are held regarding:

IB education

Reporting weekly newsletter

Our school psychologist runs fortnightly workshops on issues related to parenthood and early years.

Learning in Tashkent

In accordance with PYP pedagogy Invento aims to link what is happening on campus with the outside local community.

Specific excursions enhance our curriculum whilst developing social skills. Our field trips depend on the season and on the content our teachers aim to reinforce.

We visit the botanical gardens, the Zoo, the railways museum, the Pumpkin house, the Planetarium and any other relevant place. Students and teaching teams particularly enjoy these outings.