Our story

Invento opened its doors on February 17, 2020. On the first day there were 25 students. The first quarantine came about and the whole country of Uzbekistan was on lockdown for a couple of months. Life resumed in June 2020 and our Principal, Ms Caroline Fogiel joined us early July as soon as air traffic resumed. There were 31 students at Invento at the time. Then the second lockdown occurred and we started online teaching using Zoom.

Today, we are happy to say that we are almost at full capacity thanks to the work and care of dedicated local and international educators.

For 2021-2022, we are opening a new campus in Ashkhabad Park for our primary school and for Grades 6 and 7. We are all excited by our learning journey and are looking forward to expanding our community.

Our campus

Our school is in a purpose-built campus with spacious rooms, all equipped with boards and interactive desks to support learning and teaching. All rooms enjoy natural light and enough space to have four learning centers running concurrently.

We have an indoor heated swimming pool, which is one of our students’ favorite places.

Learning and Teaching can take place everywhere, including in our salt room in which we can explore math, science or just enjoy reading time.

Our Lego room is almost as big as one of our classrooms and it is used to consolidate learning in a fun way. It also contains a wide map of Tashkent which is also used to learn about directions and walking on the streets can suddenly become a valuable balance exercise.

A special room is dedicated to speech therapy and another one for individual students who need to work with our psychologist.

Two spacious canteens enable our students to enjoy delicious and nutritious meals in a well lit and comfortable place. Our chef and his team are particularly attentive to the needs of our learners and ensure that appetizing and nutritious fresh meals are served everyday.

Our playground is long and set up with many age-appropriate equipment. Everyday, when weather permits, our students spend a minimum of 40 minutes outside.

One day at Invento

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Strategic plan

In accordance with the PYP philosophy, Invento the Uzbek International School’s vision is to provide excellent education of international standards whilst promoting the host country culture.

Therefore, the social aim of our school  is  to provide local educators with the opportunity to upgrade their professional skills.

Our ultimate goal is that, with time, to build the first Uzbek school implementing International standards of education staffed with local trained teachers.

Through ongoing professional development, our learning community becomes more cohesive and better prepared to provide quality education for our community.

With this in mind and based on our learning journey to date, our strategic plan until the end of 2023 Academic year is focusing on the following items:

  • increasing local staff retention
  • training local teaching teams to inquiry-based learning

increasing local staff digital literacy and communication skills.