About us

Beliefs and values:

As a learning community we believe that:

- Every child needs to be considered as a unique individual and IIS provides an inclusive environment of teaching and learning.

- Our school community has the responsibility to meet each child’s developmental needs, emotionally, socially and cognitively

- Our school community provides holistic learning experiences for children that will inspire respect, independence, high self-esteem, kindness, and love.

- The love of the arts is part of holistic education; therefore, we provide a well-balanced holistic program, providing many outlets for creativity and self-expression

- Play and hands-on activities are essential to children’ learning and enable them to understand our community and world.

- The sense of immediate and global community is to be fostered at all stages of education.

- Languages are important to engage with our own culture and to interact with others’.

Our Vision for Invento students:

- To serve their community with knowledge, empathy and purpose.

- Equipped with 21st century skills, to adapt effectively to the challenges of our world and find a meaningful role to play as agents of positive changes.

- To value their cultural identity, enabling them to interact and grow in the local or international contexts.

- To respect and value different points of views in a spirit of collaboration for more inclusive world community

Our Mission

As a PYP candidate school and in accordance with the International Baccalaureate Organization mission statement, at Invento The Uzbek International School, we strive to empower each child under our care to:

- Grow  his/her unique personality, inclinations with self- confidence.

- Get a deeper and meaningful understanding of his/her immediate environment.

- Instill the skills to build healthy relationships

- Build solid academic foundations combined with life-long learning habits

- Develop international mindedness through a carefully crafted bilingual student-centered program


Our 3/4 and above Homeroom teachers are bilingual. They are coached by experienced expat teachers who also teach literacy and numeracy everyday to their team age-group.

A teacher assistant and a nanny are supporting teachers and students and are enabling differentiated group work.

Invento is a vibrant learning community where all of us are continuously growing as professionals and individuals. We implement a well-resourced curriculum, promoting hands-on activities with a plethora of options. We have ongoing professional development which includes  PYP weekly workshops to acquaint our local teachers to the IB philosophy and pedagogy. Our school psychologist also runs bi-monthly workshops to support our students and staff.

Besides our Homeroom teachers and Coaches, our specialist team includes Russian, Uzbek and Music teachers.

Pedagogical leadership

Ms Caroline Fogiel- Principal/ PYP coordinator

Ms Malika Akhundi, Assistant to the Principal

Grade level coaches:

¾ Ms Isis Pixier-Sigwalt

⅘ Ms Marcela Hormiga

⅚ Ms Ricky Dickason

It Coordinator:Mr Yevgeniy Balenkov

School Psychologist:Ms Jannatoy Rahimova

Tuition fees

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